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January, 2015

Issue 002

Cover, Issue 002

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Story Title Author    
1 Bridge John Park The bridge tolls for thee; but who can pay the toll? 8000
2 Traitor's Last Words Allan Dyen-Shapiro Geneticists always take the long view, whether they want to or not. 7500
3 Memory For Two Steven L. Schiff How artificial would Artificial Intelligence be? 1950
4 Kids Zvi Zaks Kids growing up among the stars rebel just like any other kids. Don't they? 3500
5 A Small Betrayal David Perlmutter Nature, Nurture, or Neither? 2300
  State Dinner Mark Best It's usually proper to greet foreign dignitaries with a warm smile and firm handshake. 970
  Total Word Count     24220

Probably Not: State Dinner.

Editorial: Superstition; the Enemy of Science and Religion

Reviews:  Trader Tales, by Nathan Lowell

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