Digital-SF Magazine

May, 2013

Issue 001

Cover, Issue 0001

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Story Title Author    
1 Spring Attack P. T. Reszel If you know Who, What, and Where, you have to wonder, Why?  
2 Ad Agency Zvi Zaks The Truth, the whole Truth, and not even that.  
3 Blue Cap Boat - Hack for Hire Lexx Diamond How far should a cabby go for a fare?  
4 Valentine Steven L. Schiff What if mementoes did more than just remind us of loved ones?  
5 Diplomatic Service Armand Allen Just how far is beyond the call of duty?
6 Dark Time Mark Best When cops are watching robbers, who watches the watcher?  
  Total Word Count     12800

Editorial: Science Fiction: Fact or Fantasy.

Reviews:  The Frozen Sky, by Jeff Carlson

Common Sense: A future feature; articles about common facts that are not commonly known.

Just Maybe: A future feature; drawings and instructions for not so hair brained ideas.

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