Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need to own a Kindle reader to view your magazine?
    No. All you need is a free Kindle app on your Smartphone or Tablet, or free Kindle software on your computer. (Go to the Kindle Store for details.)

  2. Why am I transferred to the Amazon/Kindle website to purchase an issue?
    Amazon/Kindle are our electronic book distributors. They take the place of a traditional paper and ink printing company.  They handle all the Digital Rights Management (DRM), distribution, billing, and payments.

  3. Can I use a Pen Name when submitting a story?
    Yes. We list stories with the title and author name (pen name) include in the submitted text file, but not the author number. (Remember to include a title, written by, and author number when submitting!) We use only the "written by" author name in the Table of Contents and in our story/author database.

  4. Is my email address ever given out?
    No! We don't include your email address when we publish your story, and we won't give it to any third parties.
  5. When is the submission deadline?
    We are always accepting submissions. Because we can publish an issue the day after it's bundled up and ready to go, we have no firm deadline. But if we receive a submission less than 5 days before we plan on publishing an issue (usually the first of the month) it's unlikely to be included in that issue.


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