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 +====== Editing a Topic ======
 +If you are authorized to edit a topic, the "edit this page" tab will be available at the top of the page. Select the tab to open the edit panel.
 +===== Preview Your Edits =====
 +Your changes will not be added to the wiki until the edit is saved. To preview how your edits will look, select the Preview button at the bottom of the edit window. The preview will be shown below the edit window. You can continue to edit the topic, save the changes by selecting the Save button, or cancel your edits and return to the previous version by selecting the Cancel button.
 +===== Uploading ​ Media =====
 +If you are going to add or change media (images) you will have to upload the new image file. 
 +To upload media:
 +  * Open a topic you wish to add the media to.
 +  * At the top of the edit window, select the **Add Image** button. This will open a **Media Files** window.
 +  * Follow the steps in the Media Files window:
 +  - Click on the **Select files...** link to open a file search window.
 +  - Search for and select one or more files.
 +  - Click on the **Upload** button. The files will start uploading from your computer to the wiki media storage.
 +  - When the files have finished uploading, a **Done** button will appear. Click on this button to finish the upload process. You can now select and add the media to the wiki page.
 +**Tip:** If possible, pre-size your image to the size you want it displayed, or an even multiple of that size(e.g. 125%, 150%, etc.).

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