Digital-SF magazine is an online only publication of science fiction stories; issues are formatted for the Kindle reader. All stories are sold on consignment. Contributing authors are paid for issues that are sold at the Kindle store. At the same time, they retain the right to sell their work elsewhere.


Digital-SF specializes in the following sub-genre:

Digital-SF is not looking for the following genre (even if you set it in the future or on a spaceship, etc.):


Prospective authors must first sign up for an author's account, entering user name (your email address) and password, before they can submit stories. Once they have an account, they can use the submit function to upload stories to Digital-SF. Stories should include the author number or email address, word count, story title, and author's name or pen name.

Submissions are evaluated for suitability and readability. Short stories (1000-6000 words) and novelettes (6000 - 12000 words) will be published in a single issue. Novellas (12,000 -24,000 words) can be submitted for serial publication (2-4 issues).  Submission of a story to DSF is considered to be an authorization to publish. Notification of publication will be given before stories are included in an issue

Authors may submit as often as they like, but submission does not guarantee publication.

Submission Terms:

Digital-SF (DSF) does not buy stories directly from the authors. Authors grant DSF the non exclusive right to publish their work in a single issue of the magazine, published with Kindle books. In return, authors will receive a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of that issue. (See Pay Rate below.)

The author retains the right to publish their story elsewhere. Payment for works sold will normally be via PayPal money transfer; usually once a month if the account balance is in excess of $5, or semi annually when all author accounts are paid out. Authors can see their account balance by checking the DSF publications spreadsheet, posted on Google Documents (access provided when you account is activated). Access will be linked to the author's email address. The spreadsheet will list author accounts by author number only (provided when you first apply). Back issues of Digital-SF may be sold on other eBook sites after 5 years without additional compensation to the authors.  Stories will not be published in print or eBook anthologies without the author's permission.


Stories should be formatted as text files, text limited to standard ASCII characters 033 through 255, and only one carriage return after each paragraph. Contact the editor before submitting any illustrations for your story.

Pay Rate

Authors will receive a percentage of the net Kindle proceeds (proceeds received from Amazon/Kindle minus Amazon fees and applicable taxes) for the issues they are published in. The percentage will equal the ratio of their story's word count to the total story word count of the issue, times eight tenths. (Example: If a story is 1000 words long, and the total story word count for the issue is 10000, then they will receive 8% of the net proceeds. If the issue sells 1000 copies in a month, at $2.99, and Analog/Kindle pays Digital-SF the $2990 gross proceeds, minus $150 fees, and Digital-SF pays $50 in taxes, the net proceeds are $2790 and the author will receive 8% of that, which is $223.20, for that month.)

Fees and taxes will depend on the current Kindle fee structure, and applicable federal, state and local taxes in Lynnwood, Washington.

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