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As of May, 2021, This site is being modified, upgrading to new software and settings.


Creating a New Topic

If you don't find a topic (a.k.a. article) for a given CV or other related subject, and you are a registered member (How to Register), you can create a new topic.

Topics should be limited to discussions of particular CVs, processed data (light curves or spectographs) in support of these discussions, and techniques for collecting this data. When creating topics, star names should conform to AAVSO designations.

To Create a Topic:

  1. Navigate to the “CV Template,”​ select the “edit this page” tab and copy the template body.
  2. Use the search box, search for the new topic you wish to create (ex. XX-Ari). This will take you to a blank page.
  3. Select the “​create topic” tab at the top of the page. (The new topic will use your search text for its title.)
  4. Paste a copy of the CV Template into the page and save.
  5. Edit the topic as necessary.

Uploading Media

When you upload media to this site, you agree to license your content under the following license: CC Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

To upload media:

  • Open a topic you wish to add the media to.
  • At the top of the edit window, select the Add Image button. This will open a Media Files window.
  • Follow the steps in the Media Files window:
  1. Click on the Select files… link to open a file search window.
  2. Search for and select one or more files.
  3. Click on the Upload button. The files will start uploading from your computer to the wiki media storage.
  4. When the files have finished uploading, a Done button will appear. Click on this button to finish the upload process. You can now select and add the media to the wiki page.

Tip: If possible, pre-size your image to the size you want it displayed, or an even multiple of that size(e.g. 125%, 150%, etc.).

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