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This is a template for creating a topic page for a CV system. The first section should be a description of the CV system, with references to current papers and studies.


This section is reserved for description of observation programs, including images(ex. an image used for photometry or a spectrograph), light curves, and access to data in Excel or csv format.

Observation JD 23456789

(AAVSO code orlink to observor's site or email)

Describe the details of the observation and the data you were trying to collect.

You can use various preset sizes, or set your own (see syntax). 100 pixel (small)

200 pixel (medium)

aip4win-ttari.jpg 250×200 pixel (custom)

Follow with light curves of significant data.

Additional information should contain references (References:Wikipedia[(WikiPedia]) or footnotes[(This is a footnote.)] describing your sources of information and data.

Observation JD 23456999

(AAVSO code orlink to observor's site or email) Refereneces


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