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SS-Cyg[(] (RA 21h 42m 42.8s, Dec 43° 35' 09.9”) is a dwarf nova in the constellation of Cygnus. It is an archetypal CV, undergoing frequent and regular outbursts (~7-8 weeks). With a relatively short period between outbursts and a large change in magnitude (∇ Mag >5), it's a very good candidate for study and developing observation techniques. And with a declination of 44°, it's visible in Europe and much of the USA all year round.


Observation JD 2455330


Below is a time series of observations of SS-Cyg, lasting less than 2 hours. Viewing conditions were only fair and deteriorated quickly. The accompanying image shows the star field with SS Cyg labeled as “V” and the comparison stars marked as C1 and C2. SS Cyg is at this time undergoing some unusual activity while in quiescence. (AAVSO observer BDQ)

Follow with light curves of significant data.

{{ :ss-cyg.jpg|{{:tt_ari_149.jpg|



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