Frank Kelly Freas

Frank Kelly FreasKnown professionally as Kelly Freas, Frank was a legend in his own time. He was renowned as a Science Fiction Illustrator, with a deft hand and a wicked sense of humor. Many of his paintings were without doubt, fine art.  The composition and detail of his illustrations rivaled those of Norman Rockwell.

No job was too big or too small.  He penned many a scathing comic image for the pages of MAD magazine; and was commissioned by NASA to produce the artwork for the Skylab mission patch (see below).

We are proud to feature his art as our magazine's logo. The work was commissioned only a few years before his death and we feel privileged to have had the opportunity to meet him and enjoy the fruits of his genius. For this work, and all the wonderful illustrations produced throughout his career, we are sincerely thankful.

Frank Frias   Freas-Skylab

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